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The Yams Are Eternal :: Slate Edition

This collection is something that Evan and I took a very different approach to when creating. There was sarcasm, inspiration, and conceptual thinking to make this project. A lot of the time we will think of a concept and see how it will fit with our brand and that season in particular. This was mainly focused on doing a graphic art piece that we feel is over people's heads. We did a rendition of a Campbell's Soup can with our logo and a few new phrases. This is a classic graphic, and the yams in general make hearty meals with a family oriented feel. We want to share our graphics with you guys who have supported us from the jump. The yams are eternal represents how if you acquire the yams, which is a skill or outstanding character trait, it is never ending. The juice is temporary, the sauce is forever, but the Yams are Eternal. It is an omnipresent steez that is only attainable by those who are about their craft. Everybody has it within them in their special talent, they simply need to discover it.
We are releasing this collection at The ReRun and we hope you all can make it out and get the product in person to have the experience. We also got a few Yams Skateboard Decks made and they are first come, first serve at the event! Cop some gear before it's gone and enjoy the illest products thus far!

Jared Peterson


I know it has been a while, but we're back. And with more ideas than ever. I am excited to announce and share the newest collection we have been working on: The Yams Are Eternal. Over the past few years working on this brand have been learning lessons, and I will continue to learn every step of the way. Until now, our collections have been nothing more than our name with a few exceptions. I kept turning down ideas because they weren't different enough, they weren't showcasing any other side of who we are as a brand. I wanted people to see that we are more than just a name. I wanted people to see that we're creative, artistic and unique. That we can make clothes that have true meaning behind them. I experimented with this last year when I designed the Love, Rose & Equality collection but it wasn't REALLY anything new or different or that creative to be honest. Roses have been part of the wave and I think I partially just wanted to ride it out in my own way. But this time, we created something completely unheard of based on some inspiration. If you've listened to our podcast before, we have teased the phrase and idea before, but it has come a long way since then. With inspiration from Kendrick Lamar, we fused influential hip hop hits with the classic,  anomalous pop art of Andy Warhol. Long story short, the yams are a character trait; they can be discovered, but never lost. It's like juice, or sauce, but better. But eternal. Always bring seconds because we never get full. You'll have to get a taste of them yourself. But be careful; use it wisely. 
This is only the first part of a concise lookbook experiment I am trying out. I wanted to share more photos with ya'll without having to scroll through pages of photos. Welcome to the Slate Edition. 

Love y'all,


Stills: Evan Mora
Model: Jared Peterson
Authors: Evan Mora & Jared Peterson


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