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The Mantra Collection.

Every single day we have conversations about who we (OSBT) are and what we stand for. When we started the brand, it was a group of close friends who were obsessed with skateboarding and riding BMX bikes and making videos together. Those were the early days that inspired us to become a group: the Obsession Skate & Bike Team. As the years went on, we all went our separate ways; some moved away, some stopped riding, we stopped making videos together. However, that didn't mean it was the end. Evan & I could see that the sky was the limit and wanted to keep the spirit of the group together the only way we knew how: an apparel company. 

As we grew and changed, so did the brand. We refused to change the name because that is who we are at our roots, it just stopped literally meaning the same thing. Just like every year previous, we realize at the new year's start that we have different goals in mind so we reevaluate. However, the whole reason we started a team was simple.. we were a community. We had similar interests and bonded over them; we loved what we did and shared our stories with the world. Because of this, we changed the acronym to Our Stories Belong Together. This is our mantra and we want to share our stories with the world she shares them back. Don't worry, we still skate, and we plan to support all of our friends who still do.

This Mantra Collection is kicking off with a bold, clean design using our brand color, slate blue. Moving forward, we plan to incorporate this color into more of what we create so get familiar with it. We hope we can continue to evolve for the better as a company while staying true to our roots and our community who has backed us since we started. To kick this off right, we are selling the pieces in bundles to make it easier for you all. We are a community brand at heart and we hope you share your stories with us! 

This is a new chapter for our company and we hope you are on board for the ride and bring everyone you know along with you. Stay true, invest in your passion, and be bold.

Love you all!

Jared Peterson.


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