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SEAMS PERSONAL :: Love, Rose & Equality

Before you read this, it would be quite helpful to read our previous post about these new collections "Seams Personal." If you don't want to, at least I tried.
One of my favorite things about being a part of this company is that sometimes, I get to create things that not everyone will understand, but they have their own significance to me.  That's the goal of these collections: to tell a story, spread a message, inspire change. 
In regards to the collection, I knew I wanted to make something meaningful, that not everyone needs to understand if they didn't want.  Lucky for me, roses are something I have wanted to use for a long time and this was a perfect way for me to get creative with it.  Roses are a universal symbol for love; they represent heavenly perfection and earthly passion.  No matter how cliche roses are, they've become a staple in streetwear.  I do aim to steer clear of any streetwear trends, so I made sure to make it my own.  Also, if any of ya'll know me, human equality is one of my biggest concerns. It is a necessary component in the world that seems to be glossed over.  With the status of our planet being in total chaos - war, racism, inequality, discrimination, Trump, bee's dying at an alarming rate - I needed to make sure the message I was trying to spread was a positive one as well as one that could make an impact; one of love & equality.  I want to use the platform that I was given to help people. This is my attempt at making a difference in mentality and I hope all of you can help me do the same. 
Ironically, I was really nervous to even share any of this with you or even credit myself with the ideas & artwork behind this. For so long I was okay with just being in the background and working behind the scenes. I never thought I even wanted the credit. I discovered that writing & creating things like this are healthy for me; I am getting more confident in my creativity & more open about voicing my opinions. Now, if you want to ignore this and just like it because it has a rose on it then that's just fine too. Everything begins with a story; and I wanted to share mine.
Evan Mora
P. S.  In return for reading this, I'm giving ya'll 20% at checkout for a limited time. I appreciate anyone that took their time to read this; love ya'll. Use code "LOVE"

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