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SEAMS PERSONAL :: A New Kind of Collection

After our slight brand reinvention, we thought we'd try and take new approaches to more aspects of the company.  In order to get more in touch with our creative sides, we decided to tackle some collections in a new & exciting way.  We came up with this idea of 'Seams Personal' collections.
This idea allows one of us complete creative control for a single collection.  It gives us each an individual opportunity to reflect on the world around us and express our opinions through clothes.  We got the idea from The Hundreds Red Letter, where Bobby single handedly creates a collection of his own that represents his inspiration.  Collections like this won't happen very often, maybe once a year, but each one will be extra special for its own reasons. 
This isn't meant to be divisive in any way; nothing has changed.  We still have more plans than we can keep up with.  We just wanted you guys to see more into who we are as individuals, rather than as a company.

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  • This is totally cool of you guys! Can’t wait to see these collections! Keep up the awesome work! :)


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