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We are proud to release this small collection of t-shirts on Thanksgiving Thursday. Available in black or red in very limited quantities. It features a work shirt style of graphics, with a jumbo screen print on the back for a bold statement and a tonal screen on the front pocket for a sense of secrecy. Collection concept courtesy of Jared:
"Having an open mind is something that helps you see other people's viewpoint and understand where they are coming from. Also, open minded people see that there are other opinions besides their own. This way of thinking can lead you to discover new things, meet new people, and see life from many different lenses. The collection has an important contrast, however, which is strong beliefs. It is important to have an open mind, but it is crucial to not lose who you are and what you stand for because of it. You can get lost without having a clear vision and not getting caught up in things that are distractions. My dad told me if you don't stand for something you will fall for everything. The purpose of this collection is to have people take a step back and evaluate their beliefs and purpose in life. To stand firm on your position regardless of what others think of you. It's alright to be bold, that's what the pro's do."
- Jared Peterson
Models: Jared & David Pacheco,
Photos: Evan, Jared & David


  • Honestly the best part about this company isn’t just the products, but the people who run it. They are genuine, hard working, dedicated people who are amazing and SO PASSIONATE about what they do, and this makes buying the product much better. They always try their best to give their customers the best experience possible!! Please keep supporting their business because that truly deserve that love and support.

  • Keep up the great work!! I keep wanting to buy everything ?
    You’re definitely creating great things if that happens

  • Get wind breakers


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