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New Year, New Brand, Same Company

The turn of the calendar marks another year and an opportunity for us to reinvent our brand, but remain the same as a company. We decided that we weren't exactly headed in the right direction or expressing ourselves the way we wanted. We had to rediscover the message we wanted to send out into the world. Our first step in the right direction was to start off the year with a simple, clean collection of quality clothing (check out the lookbook we did in our ESThetic Collection blog). After this, we have many original ideas & collaborations lined up in the near future to further progress as a brand. We hope to integrate more art, skateboarding, and inspiration into each of our collections from now on. All of these ideas are sure to be our most creative yet, and we plan to develop a recognizable image of our name. This new site and store will help us encompass our new ideology with a fresh start. 
We welcome you to this new year & hope you enjoy our new brand.


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